he wasn't much more than a thin这句话咋翻译啊?

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he wasn't much more than a thin这句话咋翻译啊?
he wasn't much more than a thin

he wasn't much more than a thin这句话咋翻译啊?
He wasn't much more than a thin,anxious kid then.
not more than:至多,不超过,只不过

he wasn't much more than a thin这句话咋翻译啊? Was the man strong enough?No,( )enoughA he wasn’t much too strong B he wasn’t too much strong C he wasn’t quite strong D he wasn’t too strongtoo 不能跟enough一起用吗? He Wasn'T歌词 There wasn't a world football match_____ A many B much C more D most 求HE WASN T 歌词 he wasn't的吉他谱 求翻译:There wasn't much blood That wasn't of much help. --He wasn't the best in the exam--But he did ( ) A.more carefully B.most carefullly Tony wasn't good at maths because he didn't____his teacher in classA.pay much attention to B.noticeC.listen 如何翻译:How much time would have to pass before he wasn’t her every other thought? if he -------so much money,he would be rich todayA didn't spend B wasn't spent C hadn't spent D wasn't spending 选那个,我选的是A 因为与现在事实相反,可我不确定, The problem wasn't difficult for him,was it?---.He should have been given a more difficult one He Wasn't Man Enough 歌词 was he naughty yes he was /no he wasn't . Sometimes it was a bit boring to work there because there wasn't always ______ much to do.A.such B.that C.more D.very The trumpet player was certainly loud.But I wasn’t bothered by his loudness ________ by his lack of talent.A) thanB) more thanC) asD) so much as Brian knew he had been drinking more and more,but he was convinced that he'd return to more moderate drinking when he wasn't so pressured at work,and that a few too many drinks now and then wasn't a major problem.My wife and father were on me to s